iPhone 6 Roundup

Credit: iOSDoc.com & MacRumors

Rumored iPhone 6 Display
Credit: iOSDoc.com & MacRumors

By Santosh H – July 11th, 2014: 9:27pm

Time is ticking. Samsung released their Galaxy S5. Amazon, a new provider, to the smartphone world, released their very first smartphone, Fire Phone. Now we wait as we get closer to Apple releasing their long-waited phone, dubbed: iPhone 6.

According to various rumors, here’s what we gathered:

  • To have a 4.7 inch screen and 5.5 inch screen
  • To have a sapphire glass display which is to be scratch-resistant
  • To be even thinner
  • To have a possible LCD backlight panel
  • Bigger/Larger megapixel camera
  • Feedback Technology

There are definitely much more rumors but those aren’t as major. We will still keep tracking all the major rumors. Currently no one quite has an official date for when Apple will at least announce the iPhone, but it will most likely be around August – September. Some say that the iPhone could be released as early as August, while some say it could be released as late as October.

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