Tomodachi Life – Review

By: Mike I. (TheMike409409) – 7/15/2014 21:11

Hello there! This is my first post. Honored to be part of Mandizle. Anyway today I do a Game Review on the hit Nintendo Game: Tomodachi Life.

Here are my thoughts so far about the game:


Tomodachi Life 3DS US Cover. Credit: Nintendo

I think Tomodachi Life is a great game to play. Definitely for any ages. It’s generalized as a cross-over between Animal Crossing and The Sims.

You can have your “Miis”, you created on the 3DS ( also made by Nintendo) and put them in the world of Tomdachi, an island. You can do different activities with your Miis you created. You can feed your Miis with different kinds of food you can get in the game. You can even have your Miis marry each other. You can even shop for them too. You can even watch the Mii News. You can even have your miis sing.  I have the game myself, and i think the game is by far one of the best games by Nintendo.

Like I said, this game is great for all ages! It’s a fun, relaxing game that you can do any time you want! I definitely think this one of Nintendo’s best games ever made. And so with that:

I give the game, Tomodachi Life by Nintendo, a 9.5/10 rating!

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