Minecraft – Review

Editors Note: This information is currently a stub and is being worked on. You may see this post grow 

By Mike I. 7/16/2014: 20:36

In this post, I review the hit game Minecraft, giving you details about the game and a score to go along with it.

Minecraft is a computer game created by Notch. Minecraft is a game where you need great thinking, and fast reflexes to survive. You should get this game, because you can do alot of stuff on here that is fun.

Minecraft is a great game to play online with friends, or with people you don’t know. When you do minecraft, you can play on different servers. There are many types of servers to choose from. There is PvP (player v.s. player), creative (a server which you can have a small, or large area of land to build freely, and build whatever you want), survival (a server that you have to survive the night from different Mobs), and so many other types of servers that anyone could enjoy.

I do play minecraft on my computer, and I think the game in general (of the servers I play on) is very awesome. I think the Minecraft game is by-far, one of the best games by Notch. Everyone should play this game.

By that, I rank the game a score of 9.75/10.

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