3DS Handheld: Review

Editor’s Note: This article is still being worked on and will be updated in the future.

Editor’s Note #2: This article may contain errors. Please regard this as this post will be updating soon.


By: Mike I. 7/20/14: {21:26}

The 3DS is a great portable handheld (made by Nintendo). Everyone should get the 3DS. The 3DS has many different games on the system.

There is the YouTube channel, which you can watch different videos. There is the Netflix channel, which you can watch TV shows, and Movies. There is the camera which you can take pictures and save them. There is also the Nintendo eShop, which you can buy games with real money or a gift card. There is a game for everyone!

When you get the 3DS, the 3DS will blow your mind away. You will be so fascinated with the games on the system. Everyone within the ages of 8 through 50 should get one of these systems

My rating: I give this a 9.5/10



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