Health – The Key Difference In Diet

Editor’s Note: This article is more of an advice column. Expect this post to update.

By: Mike I. 7/21/2014:19:57

Although in different areas of the world, people eat food. People eat food that are healthy, and people eat food that are unhealthy. People eat almost everyday. Do people give in what they eat ?

For people that eat unhealthy, people gain fat. People loose the ability to walk and/or move. If people keep gaining fat, people will die. For people that eat healthy, people loose fat. People gain the ability to move quickly, and/or gain the ability of being smart. If people keep loosing fat by exercising, people might die as well.

People should have a well balance diet within their body system. People shouldn’t have too much fat or have a very skinny body. People should be in a great area of weight that will fit them.



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