Google shares new Google Drive

By Santosh H, 7/21/2014: 21:14 (EST)

Recently, Google gave us a preview on a redesigned look on Google Drive. There are more useful features and redesigned app like Google Slides, instead of Presentation.

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Mandizle Update

Update: Mandizle will be going web maintenance. This is done to invite our new authors to Mandizle. You will still be able to read posts and comment. 7/18/14 to 7/21/14.



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Microsoft demos Skype Translator

Skype Translator  Credit: Microsoft

Skype Translator
Credit: Microsoft

By Santosh H. 7/17/14: 14:35

Recently at their Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft amazed people with a new major feature to Skype. They announced, Skype Translator. Quick summary, Skype Translator will be able to translate speech from both ways. For example, if Person A speaks in German, Person B (who is from America) will receive the speech translated in English. Text captions also come with it. Currently, it is not known what languages are supported.

This will definitely be a big difference on how Skype will be used. From customer support, to individual interviews, Skype is definitely getting more useful.